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how i got here

Hi my name is Rosanna,

Professional Food Coach

Having three children and turning 30 did wonders for my body: I began gaining weight with no end in sight. Then I turned 40, my back began to hurt, I looked older, and I felt overwhelmingly tired. I took matters into my own hands: I joined a gym, did yoga, got a personal trainer, and started crossfit. I would lose weight then gain it back again, plus two pounds. Over the years I gained a total of 30 lbs. Nothing worked. No exercise or diet could help me feel like I once did —  that was until my son told me he was starting the keto diet.  I decided to join him, I felt like I had nothing left to lose (except my weight). I did my research, read articles, and followed diet plans. I lost 15 lbs in the first two weeks and miraculously my lower back no longer hurt. I had more energy and I was finally happy with my accomplishments. I decided to stay on keto; but, this time get more serious. I began doing more research; testing my blood; and journaling what I ate, my exercises, and how I felt. I realized that tracking and journaling my progress was the key to my success.  I lost 10 more lbs.

I noticed that my confidence grew, I was calmer at work, and my stress level dropped. Not only did I see a positive change in myself; but, also in my relationships. I started walking with my husband and our relationship has grown stronger. My life has changed and so has my family’s. We no longer eat fast food for lunch, I cook dinner more, and our water intake has increased. This lifestyle has transformed my life and those close to me. I love who I am and want to share this positive lifestyle with you.

My Approach

My coaching is geared to give you the knowledge you need in bite size portions on a weekly basis  so it’s not overwhelming or confusing.  I do weekly Q & A’s to facilitate the training.   During the first week of our six weeks together we will transform your pantry by  eliminating unhealthy processed foods and snacks.  Then, week-by week, we will focus on fueling your body with whole foods and healthy fats.  Our goal includes helping you tune into your body and its unique needs,  getting you fat-adapted, and adopting a ketogenic lifestyle to help you feel your best inside and out.    Combining sleep, mindset with daily movement, and exercise will increase your fat burning. All of these factors will optimize your health  for a successful lifestyle you have been wanting. 

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